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Dear friends, thank you for trying to Google Translate your way through a Dutch website! I know some of you have managed to get quit a bit of what I’m writing here, so good for you. But to make ¬†things a little bit easier: this is what my website is about. Meaningful dating or Dare to date as I’d like to call it in English is about equipping Christian singles to date better. To help them connect better to God, themselves, the people around them and eventually to other singles. Not because being married is better but because most single people just really rather not be single, however happy they are alone.

So if that’s you, this website is for you. I’m currently working on a complete English version of both my book (I’ve written three books, but the middle one, the one with the same title as this website is the one being translated), and this website. I hope to help you navigate the complicated datingworld, especially when you’re over 25 and in church. Let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like me to write about! You can email me through the contact page.

With lots of love! Aukelien van Abbema

For my English speaking friends
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